Fiji Real Estate what you need to know

Land Tenure in Fiji

Fiji is fairly unique in that 83% of all the land across the Fiji Islands is Native Land, 7% is Crown land and roughly 10% is Freehold.

Native Land belongs to specific village groups and is only ever available for development as leasehold. A portion of each village groups’ land is set aside for the residents as the site of the village and the remainder is classified as Native Reserve.

Typically leases involving Native Land are 99 years, though it can be set at any term, and the leases may be bought and sold within the terms of the original lease.

More information on Native Land Leases can be found on the Native Lands Trust Board site here.

Crown Land comprises approximately 7% of the land in Fiji and also includes all the land below mean high water mark, all the soil under Fiji waters, and the beds of navigable rivers and streams. As per Native Land Crown Land can only be leased and leases are granted by the Director of Lands. More information regarding Crown Land can be found here.

Freehold Land can be purchased, sold, transferred or leased and the land is registered under the Torrens system of land registration. The Land Sales Act does impose some restrictions and covenants on use of land in particular for non residents in relation to stamp duty, vacant land, and quantity of land. You can read about some recent changes to the Act here.

Tips for buying and selling real estate in Fiji

  1. The land system is not digital- title searches can take time
  2. Settlement can take between 3 months and 6 months
  3. You will need a local legal representative
  4. Having an experienced Fiji real estate agent will make things easier
  5. If you are a non resident be aware of how you are affected by the Land Sales Act
  6. If you you are selling ensure you find a reputable agent see Real Estate Agents Fiji

Generally things take a bit longer in Fiji, it is part of the pace of life that make it so attractive, so relax and just go with the flow, everything will get done, perhaps just not at the pace you are used to. Fiji time:)


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