Real Estate Agents in Fiji are required to be licensed. Licensing is overseen by the REALB  (Real Estate Agents Licensing Board) and this Board is the driving force behind the strategic vision for the Industry across Fiji. They are governed by the Real Estate Agents Act 2006.

Before dealing with any agent ensure that they hold the appropriate license, you can search agents on this page Agent Search.

Tips for finding a Real Estate Agent in Fiji

Fiji in many respects is the same as any other country when it comes to finding a service provider, you have to do your homework, and also seek recommendations from people who have used them.

Longevity in the industry is important, dealing in real estate in Fiji can be more challenging than most places and having experience can make a very big difference. Ask your potential agent how long they have been in the industry and the area they work in

Local Knowledge is very important. Understanding past sales, and how values are affected by position land size, and property finishes will be paramount in obtaining  a valuation that is inline with your expectations. Understanding the vagaries of one area can save you a lot of pain and heart ache

Previous Sales are so important in establishing whether an agent is experienced and knowledgeable.Having along history of sale in an area will give the agent authority when valuing your property and when speaking with potential buyers

Current listings in the area you want to buy or sell are important. The more listings a Fiji Real Estate agent has the more buyers are attracted to both their website and the properties they have. More listings gives buyers more opportunity to find the right property. The listings also feedback into the previous point.

Licensed make sure the agent you choose to sell through, or buy through is licensed

Knowledge of the Land Act a good Fiji Real Estate agent will have a concise knowledge of the Land Act and how it may affect your purchase or sale, they can advise you of potential pitfalls before you engage a lawyer

Relationships with current service providers, are they well connected to a local network of other service providers? Can they recommend a lawyer? A land surveyor? A local builder? An agent with strong local connections will save you a lot of time and effort

Upfront about service and fees your real estate agent should be completely upfront about their charges and fees and provide you with a written contract.

If your Fiji Real Estate Agent ticks all these boxes you have probably found someone who has the knowledge and professionalism to help you in buying selling or renting real estate in Fiji.


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